Backpacks allow travelers to hold more things in their inventory so they do not have to worry about removing things to make room for new items. You need leather or tanned leather.


All backpacks

All backpacks available

How to UseEdit

Simply hold a backpack in your hand and right click to open it.

If you want to rename it sneak(default shift-key) and right click. From there, enter a new name.



Normal BackpacksEdit

You craft a backpack like a chest but with leather instead of wood.

  • Backpacks have 27 slots (chest size)
  • Big backpacks have 54 slots (double chest size)

Colored BackpacksEdit

Craft a colored backpack by putting any dye in the middle

Ender BackpackEdit

A portable ender chest which shares its content with the ender chest.

You craft it with an ender chest:

Ender backpack

Leather with ender chest in middle = ender backpack

Other Things to doEdit

Recolor BackpacksEdit

You can recolor backpacks by using a dye or the corresponding leather:

Upgrading BackpacksEdit

You can upgrade any backpack, except the ender backpack, to a big backpack by putting tanned leather around it:

Upgrade backpack

Tanned leather around a backpack