Have you ever wished mine carts and rails had received a bit more attention during development? Well that ends now! Gone are all those broken bits and in their place are a ton of new tools to build your massive rail system. If you ever cared about rails, you wont ever look back!


  • Crowbar - Rapid rail adjustment for the experienced rail engineer!
  • Working Signalling System - Never experience another head-on collision again!
  • Cart Linking - Make a real train!
  • Boarding and Holding Rails - Never chase your minecart again!
  • One Way Rail - Carts going the wrong way? Not anymore!
  • Control Rail - Power entire sections of track to propel carts in the direction you want!
  • Junction Rail - Putting the diamond in your rails (no actual diamonds required).
  • Launch Rail - I can see my house!
  • High Speed Rails - Get there faster! If you don't crash.
  • Wooden Rails - Jurassic Park style, only with creepers instead of dinosaurs.
  • Elevator Rail - Go up, fast.
  • TNT Cart - Explosive fun!
  • Tank Cart - The easy way to transport Buildcraft liquids!
  • Energy Cart - Convenience away from home, bring your IndustrialCraft2 power with you!
  • Tunnel Bore - Avoid the monotony of digging perfect tunnels!
  • Detector Blocks - More freedom to control your carts!
  • Loader/Unloader - Move items and liquids automatically!
  • Cart Dispenser - Convenient storage for you carts!
  • Chunk Management - Automate things even when you are not around!
  • New Minecart Physics
    • Rebalanced drag rates for carts - Now your storage carts will actually reach their destination!
    • Completely new collision code - Carts can now push other carts, furnace carts are almost not useless!

Railcraft WikiEdit

This mod has it's own wiki page here: Railcraft Wiki


For those of you with the awesome Sphax PureBD craft texture pack, an addon can be found here: Sphax Railcraft Texturepack addon