• Added new elemental Arrow, the Rope Arrow, which on Impact attempts to spawn a falling Rope (max 32 length)
  • Rope Arrow against wall creates wall mounted Rope, hit against ceiling creates ceiling mounted rope
  • Made the grappling Hook recoverable by punching it's rope
  • The Rope Arrow is also recoverable by punching it's rope (it breaks into its pieces, though)

Information taken from: Minecraft forum thread


Here's a video about the usage of this mod:

Minecraft Rope Plus Mod Demonstration

Minecraft Rope Plus Mod Demonstration

Here are more recipes:

Minecraft Ropes 1.2

Minecraft Ropes 1.2.5 3D Rope, Hookshot, Zipline


  • Woven Cloth= 2 string on top of each other
  • Wool= 2 woven cloth (shapeless)

Arrows dopEdit

Same as standard arrow, but replace flint tip with:

  • Sand: Confusion Arrow
  • Dirt: Dirt Arrow
  • Gunpowder: Explosion Arrow
  • Coal: Fire Arrow
  • Seeds: Grass Arrow
  • Snowball: Ice Arrow
  • Redstone: Laser Arrow
  • Rope: Rope Arrow
  • Slime: Slime Arrow
  • Torch: Torch Arrow
  • Obsidian: Warp Arrow